Cascina del Colle

The mild but hard land where the harshness of the mountains matches with the peace of the sea is the setting where our company originated by representing our rural family's cult and tradition.

The view of sunny and luxuriant vineyards and olive trees located in the south of our hill and around 300 meters from the sea has been excited every member of my family for sixty years. I really thank my father for all of that.

Every year, harsh winters and hot summers give us wonderful grapes creating a handcrafted wine packed in hand numbered bottles. Such grapes express the love we feel for our land and our passion for what we do.

We are sure that drinking our wine will be an exciting and unique experience.

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Lives dedicated to wine

Our family is our strength.

Our main company mission is conveying the feelings of love and passion experienced in typical a family setting and transferring them in the creation of our single product.

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We believe in a dream

The priority of our working team has always consisted in meeting challenges and constantly learning. Now we can certainly say that all of us, boys and girls, women and men of the team working in the Cascina share and believe in the same dream of the Nazarios' and Tizianas' as we do our best every day.

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The harmony of a family

Operating in the area for almost 25 years, Cascina del Colle is a dynamic family-run company which is now a key player in the sector of wine production.

Cascina del Colle

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Cascina del Colle

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