Organic Extra Vergin Olive Oil

Main Feature

  • Name: Organic Extra Vergin Olive Oil
  • Farmer: Gentile and Leccino
  • Production zone: Villamagna (CH)
  • Pruning: Vase
  • Year of plant: 1949
  • Area: 00.81.80 ha
  • Land exposure: North - East
  • Land altitude: 295 mt. above sea level
  • Period of harvest: Between the 20th and the 30th of october
  • Harvest: Harvested by hand, then placed in big plastic baskets and pressed within 24 hours
  • Milling: Defoliation, milling with hammer crusher and cold extraction system with continuous integral
  • Acidity (oleic acidy): About 0.15%
  • Return: 11 kg per quintal
  • Colour: Yellow with green reflection
  • Smell: Intense, with fresh herbs and green pepper back taste
  • Taste: Fruity, with a smooth bitter sensation
  • Gastronomic matching: Bruschetta, roast peppers and beans soup